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I am not afraid to keep on living

I am not afraid to walk this world alone

desperate and a little delusional
13 July 1980
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I'm not very good at talking about myself, but I'll give it a go. I'm Lauren, I'm 34, and the mother of Bailey. I love to make friends, and I'm as loyal as they come once we are friends. I'm fairly intelligent, though some of my entries say otherwise, I like to think I'm funny, nice and a good person to have around for any occasion. Once we start talking, I will talk about anything and everything and I'll have a hard time stopping. And I'm an open book, so anything you ask, I'll answer. But don't take my word for it, here are some testimonials from friends.

I have loved you since the first second that you appeared on my friends list and will continue to do so for a long, long time. - Anonymous {Best.Comment.Ever}

Lauren is prone to being completely awesome. mayqueen517

You are so peppy and lovely and fun and spirited! Not to mention you're strong-willed and so sweet. You're a wonderful person, and I pity the fool who doesn't have you added :) caustique

anothersadsong is a wonderful friend you could meet on LJ. She's hilarious, witty, and eloquent, with a nice sprinkle of "teh naughty" and "teh evil"!! ;-) Plus, she's the best minion, ever!! - lizziebunny2828

anothersadsong bit me once. Then I started seeing flowers, rainbows and butterflies. Also, she posts pics that makes me want to hump and lick my computer. AND PORN. DON'T FORGET THE PORN. - learntoflyrar

anothersadsong is a sweet, funny, all-together WONDERFUL girl! - empressaurelius

anothersadsong is wonderful, warm, intelligent, and funny. If you can't see that, I'll bite you. *looks rabid* - xsquotessuch

anothersadsong is a fun, caring and intelligent person who has great taste in men and music. - saranet

anothersadsong is a naughty nice girl. I can talk for hours about anything and everything with her. When a conversation starts, we never know when it will be the end. She is also very kind and helpful. That is her who helped me with my mood theme. I love her. And will always be Mrs. Christian Bale to me. - chesthair_loon

You really are a great, great, GREAT person to talk to, and someone you can run to when you need them. You're someone who doesn't forget friends, even they haven't talked with you in a long time (guilty). I love how you seem both teenager-y and adult all at the same time. Not a lot of people can pull that off. :D I think it's a gift. - lady_tavington

Lauren is AWESOMEx24832687153497! She's one of the nicest everrrr & is super fun to talk with! SO ADD HER YEAH. - sadiebee123

Lauren is a good friend of mine. She treats me like a normal person and is lots of fun to hang out with. It's also fun to watch TV and make fun of TV programs with her. ♥ - quartertothree

Genuinely kind. - ciaimpala

Lauren is cool, yo. - retrocareer

Lauren, if you contrasted her with the majority of the populace, would startle you, for she, unlike the majority of the populace, doesn't carry a shade of grey but a violent rainbow of colors that never ceases to maaze you. She's a passionate, caring, and sympathetic person whose kindness knows no end. She never says anything rude about anyone, and she's an amazing mother as well. - yokata

You're a genuinely nice person that I'm glad to know. :) - penelopeblack

Lauren... What can I say? She is incredibly friendly. And one of the things about her I appraciate the most is her honesty. Her entries are always so refreshing to read because they are both fun and honest. And she is one of the people I always know care about her friends. - agurkis

I just... wow. I love you, Lauren. You're so sweet and so supportive and always around just when I need someone. You make me laugh and make me feel loved. You rock hardcore, lady. ;D
SO MUCH LOVE. ♥ - kilted

Lauren is the personification of awesomeness. :) - _mydecember_

The best thing about Lauren is that she is so incredibly real. I appreciate that in her the most, because she doesn't pretend to be someone else. That is something you don't find that often in life anymore and I'm glad to have come across Lauren, because that is part of what makes her a great friend. She's incredibly nice and caring and also honest. I couldn't be more happy to have Lauren on my flist ♥ - fly_meaway

WHERE DO I BEGIN? Lauren = cute, hilarious, random, silly, obsessive (in a good way :P), and AMAZING. ultimately, ily♥. THE INTERNET WOULD BE NOTHING WITHOUT YOUUUU! - myst56

Lauren is one of my favorite LJ friends. She is one of those genuinely nice and sweet people that I've always aspired to be. She knows what it's like in the real world, but she doesn't let that stop her from living her life to the fullest. I would describe Lauren as selfless, caring, and passionate. Not to mention, a wonderful wife and mother. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a friend. ♥ - livewithfreedom

Lauren is a truly wonderful friend. She is open, nice, caring and is always there for you when you need her. I feel honoured to be her friend ♥ - slowbeats

LAUREN! You are one of the most awesome people I have the privilege of knowing. You are kind, caring and have so much love in your heart! Thank you for being who you are. Never change! Never ever!! Love you so much. *hugs* - fabulous_1

Lauren is incredibly warm and supportive. She always finds words to make you feel better. She makes me giggle with her fandom craziness.
She is ♥! - hobbitofkobol

Lauren is one of the nicest, most fun people ever. It's impossible not to ♥ her. - delete

Lauren is the most optimistic person I've ever met. She's also super sweet and has pretty awesome taste in music. - thisismorning

At first glimpse Lauren may look like an unemployed housewife with too much time on your hands, obsessed slightly too much with Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. If you ever dare even regard her in such a light, you obviously haven't allowed yourself the time to become familiar and friendly with her. Few people could manage to persevere through circumstances as well as she has. She, though she doesn't acknowledge it boastfully, is one of the strongest people you could ever meet. The circumstances through which she has lived only demonstrate clearly that she is a fierce soul who can contend with any challenge fate presents her.

In addition to being valiant emotionally, she shows an inimitable concern for her loved ones; she cares genuinely and selflessly for those around her, both friends and families, treating them in such a respectful and polite way that it continues to astound you. Never does she say anything truly rude or offensive about someone; she always treats them as human beings with emotions. She is a rare breed of human being that the world needs more of.

Finally, she has the best daughter in the world. You haven't seen a lovable child until you've met Bailey. XD - intertextually

Lauren is, in short, possessed of unflagging awesomeness. SHE'S THE JUGGERNAUT, BITCH.

Wait, no, that's Bailey.

However, she is having clandestine affairs with MCR and Fall Out Boy, and that's all kinds of hawt. - madam_rosmerta

Lauren is the keeper of the cutest penguin on Facebook! :p writinchica2k

We were totes bffs in high school! She always made me snort with laughter and experience the weird sensation of soda coming out of my nose. Trufax. *nod nod* beatzz

You are one of the sweetest people I know and you're a great mom too ♥ alternatekeys

anothersadsong is not anything like a sad song, despite what her username implies. Rather, she is more like a catchy, happy tune that makes you smile. roadmarks

Lauren is the mayor of Awesometown. Trufax. of_evangeline

anothersadsong is one of the kindest most amazing people that I've ever met. ♥ fearstrikes

Lauren puts up with a lot of bullshit and still finds time to read everyone's journals and comment. She rox0rs. per_sis_tence

ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO anothersadsong! midorisour

Given a faceoff between a ninja and a pirate... Lauren would pwn both of them. astaria51

Lauren is so awesome, it cannot be described in words. We have to come up with new words to properly define and encompass the sheer magnitude of her awesome-osity. _mydecember_

anothersadsong IS AWESOME AND WINS AT LIFE. ILU, BB <3 xolunchbox

Hilarious and sweet, I can't keep count of how many times you've been there and had kind words for me when I've needed it. And sex tents are still one of the greatest things EVER. sleepherealone

anothersadsong is amazing and one day whenever those Fall Out Boys come around we'll see them together again! Thnks fr th mmrs. :) synesthesiate

anothersadsong is honestly one of the sweetest fucking people I know, and an amazing LJ friend to boot. She always knows the right thing to say at the right time, and I am so lucky to have her on my f-list ♥ swagneto

she's pretty much made of rainbows and awesomewinsauce all over :3 idktbh

anothersadsong is the captain of my ship of angry Vikings! Arrrhhh-ahhh..haaa! shut_me_up

Lauren is one of the friendliest, kindest, and best people on my flist! ♥ strokeof_genie

Four out of five members of My Chemical Romance recommend anothersadsong. The fifth was too busy twittering to know what was going on. autumndandelion

See? I'm awesome!

A synopsis of me, by xsquotessuch

anothersadsong was born in a small log cabin in the middle of a giant redwood forest. The moment she took her first breath, the birds in the trees sang out in joy for such beauty to be in the world. As she grew, she tamed various woodland creatures and became successful in tracking dryads. At the age of 21, she learned that she too, was part dryad, thus her great skill. Armed with this new knowledge, and with the help of her forest friends, anothersadsong went out into the world to seek her fortune...

This journal is a record of her adventures.

Want to know if that's true? Friend me and find out!

P.S. - Go here and leave me an anonymous secret, confession, story, fear, love, anything. Just say something.

'There are some small things, but living without any regrets wouldn’t be nice. You can’t think everything out. A part of living your life is to fuck up.' - Frank Iero
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